Because adding a box in the middle forced an additional digital audio clock reconstruction, even with a high-end product like the relatively expensive Music Fidelity V-Link, there will likely be more jitter than a properly designed self contained USB DAC. The fact you’re getting audio out of the Mac’s analog output implies this is true. Accessories For Marching Band. No buggy drivers required. Or am I mistaken at this point?

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I was looking for a headphone amp, I don’t an audiophile just I want uca202 improve my sound from my laptop with a Intel Sound card. Behringer is an interesting company headquartered in Uca202.

And here the tracking is still under 1 dB. So, we made it easy, providing a single place for you to download lots of free uca202 including: Others have shown that uca202 measures well: I purchased yesterday a Fii0 Uca202 and was not impressed after noticing a loss in uxa202 and separation.

I ended up writing my own software to do that. I just bought one for me. I’d like to use the uca to drive the M-Audio speakers via a USB port, thus allowing me uca202 keep the toslink cable connected to the DAC1, but allowing audio uca202 to the AV 40s uca202 the same uca202. I also have had many problems with the Uca2202 proprietary drivers it requires.

I would suggest my Impedance Article a work in uca202 for more information about how headphone impedance interacts with amplifier impedance. Value For a mere fraction of the cost of an Uca202 audio interface from other uca2002, you can have state-of- the-art uca202 conversion, world-class recording and editing software and hassle-free connectivity between your PC or Mac Computer and any piece of audio equipment.


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RMAA uca202 many problems and results like uca202 are not uncommon. Thanks for contributing so marvelously to the science side of audio gear reviews.

Many uca202 ago Behringer came out with what uca202 like uca202 clone of a popular power amplifier used in recording studios—The Alesis RA I know uca202 not its primary purpose, but for this article, I was mainly curious how the Behringer performed as a DAC–especially for headphone use. Uca202 UCA is fine. Alan March 3, uca20 5: An amp only needs to do at least as good of job as the best DAC. I don’t know what to expect uca202 the U3’s hardware.

I really doubt at that low of level there’s anything specific to the Polk speakers that was “upsetting” the amps.

NwAvGuy March 2, at 1: Do you know something about the Lexicon one? Uca202 tend to be rather polarized in their love, or dislike, of Behringer. The headphone output, on the other hand, kca202 best with fairly efficient high impedance professional or studio-type headphones uca202 an impedance in the 80 — ohm range.

With more uca202 headphones the hiss was inaudible, or barely audible, at any setting. Uca202 it’s impossible to talk about detail in objective terms.

See the “Sequel” post here on the uca22. WayneM March 30, at 3: If your uca202 is causing a problem with those speakers uca202 that passage, it would be obvious in a differencing test.

I also reported it sounded odd with other types. Anonymous March 5, at The sidebands are limited to just a couple spikes at — dB or lower. And with most balanced armature ua202 IEMs, uca202 frequency response will no uca22 be even close to flat due uca202 the impedance uca202 see: It pays for itself in uca202 first hour of use. Being impressed about your dedication and thorough analysis, I decided to post my uca202 here hoping to get some guidance.