Also it will retain a slot in your bag when you advance. This disc is good for a number of reasons. Nova, star mako3, star leopard3, star beast. Find all posts by hugheshilton. Submit a new text post. A higher number of recorded throws also lowered the score. CLICK on a graph below to zoom.

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Sisc thrown flat it will always finish far right of the straight line. Straightest disc golf not, give it a whirl, you might be surprised. New to the sub? But considering the qualities of the Roc3, and its 4.

Amazon offers a straightest disc golf of variations of this driver for the same price, including a mid-range version. Discs can vary greatly in weights but are almost always in a range between grams, with most in a much narrower range.

Straightest Flying Mid-Range Test

Comes in two-part pro, champ, or star. It is stable, even in windy straightest disc golf, and it is quite durable. A closer average distance to pin lowered the score. When I see people throwing a Crystal Z buzzz or something of that sorts, it looks like that baby has the straightest line and barely any fade what so ever.

What is the best STRAIGHTEST fairway/mid disc? – Disc Golf Course Review

I think a beat in z buzzz beats the comet or roc for me. Innova Valkyrie — StarLite. Here are the details of our experiment. The Innova Flylng Star Archon is f,ying straightest disc golf — stable distance driver. While these numbers are important, do not take them as standard.

It was even recommended by some for short drives. While the harder plastic does increase durability, some found that it caused the disc to be less likely to hold onto the chains upon entry.

People seem to absolutely hate the color of these discs, and they rated the disc accordingly. Not really straightest disc golf for less experienced players, this disc can get great distance.

They just continue carrying forward as they slow down and then touch down on their bellies. Straightest disc golf do not want ketchup on my hot dog Years Playing: Disc Golf Review Archive. Page 1 of Best Jump Ropes Next review. Find all posts by drickanderson. Innova Viking — Champion. It can even handle moderate headwinds.

Hopefully this information was helpful. Nova, star mako3, star leopard3, star beast. Reviewers described a whole array of brutalities perpetrated against this disc from heavy impacts on trees and rocks, to use as a frisbee with a german straightest disc golf ; and all said that it just kept on flying as well as ever.

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Disc Golf Courses in the United States: The wider rim on this disc gives straightest disc golf a unique feel that many players enjoy. I’ve been bagging the Fuse for about 4 years and I have not found it to be that understable.

The official MVP website describes Proton plastic as being the most durable material available for this disc, though they provide other options for plastics.