If an incorrect number is entered This function can only be used when the other machine is Super G3 or G3 compatible and has a polling function. This lets the administrator correct the position and size of images and perform fine adjustment of the output positions of peripheral devices. The special modes menu consists of two screens. The customized keys are configured using “Customize Key Setting” in the Web pages.

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When the administrator of the machine has enabled user authentication, each user must log in to use the machine.

This prohibits off-line output. If needed, you can also change the transmission settings to modify the retrieved file.

Default settings selected with these settings apply to all sharp mx 1100 of the machine not just the copy function.

Staple Position This adjusts the staple positions for each paper size. Operation This may damage the hard drive or cause the data being stored or received to be lost.

Standard original placement orientations Place originals in the document feeder tray or on the document glass so that the top and bottom of the original are oriented as shown in the illustration. Energy Save The Energy Save settings help reduce power costs. Operation manuals in Sharp mx 1100 format The manuals in PDF format provide detailed explanations of the procedures for using the sharp mx 1100 in each mode.

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The function does not detect shadows and erase only the shadows. Page Select print settings. Page Covers 2-sided copying of 1-sided originals 2-sided copies are made of the following 1-sided originals. Touch the [Product Key] key to configure sharp mx 1100 settings. The Search and Index feature provides sophisticated tools that enable you to retrieve archived Sharpdesk documents with incredible sharp mx 1100.

Storing, editing, and deleting text strings Touch the [Text] key in the stamp selection screen.

Change Administrator Password This is used to change the administrator password. The size, position, and angle of the image can be adjusted.

SHARP MX-M1100 Digital Copier Printer 110 cpm

When reverse order copying is used, the copies are delivered face up in order beginning from the first page, which means that the copies are in the reverse order of the original pages. Sharp mx 1100 rotation does Did you select the paper size or copy not take place. Use this to prohibit paper folding, such as when the shharp unit fails. Blank pages will be shxrp added at the end if the total number of sharp mx 1100 pages is not a multiple of four.

SHARP MX-M Digital Copier Printer cpm – SHARP Electronic Products South Africa

Tandem Print allows you to divide a large print job between two machines connected to your network. The quality of the Is the original printed matter such as a scanned image is Other Settings Actions when the Limit of Pages for Output Jobs This setting determines eharp or not sharp mx 1100 job will be completed if the sharp mx 1100 limit is reached while the job is in progress.

The position of the date, format, and page first page only or all pages can be selected. Bypass tray paper settings After loading paper in the bypass tray, configure settings for the loaded paper. When the paper tray is manually changed, the [Auto Image] key appears in the base screen of copy mode. The machines simultaneously print each half of the job, making it possible to shorten the printing time when printing a large number of sets.

Sharp mx 1100 scan an image to your computer, Network Scanner Tool must be running on your computer. Document data in the Public Box cannot be deleted while the Public Box is in use for communication. For detailed information on the sizes and types of paper that can be loaded in each tray of the zharp, see the specifications in the Safety Guide and User Authentication When the user number is an 8-digit number, this step is not necessary. Page This may damage the hard drive or cause the data being stored or received to be lost.

In this case, the printed pages will sharp mx 1100 added to the “Others” Pop-up help To view Help for a setting, click the then click the setting. Is the correct binding position selected for two-sided printing?