This setting only turns off power to the hard disk drive. Removing a battery If you are not using the computer for an extended period of time, remove the battery from the computer to avoid damaging the battery. The lithium-ion battery supplied with your computer may be recharged at any time, whether you wait until the battery is completely or partially discharged. Page A port replicator is a device that attaches to your notebook and contains additional jacks and ports, such as USB ports. Make sure your microphone is designed for computer use. End of support notification for products using the Windows Vista operating system.

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Pcg-z1vap item may or may not be in original packaging. Page 28 Follow the on-screen instructions.


pcg-z1vap Disconnecting pcg-1zvap drive when the computer is in a power saving mode Standby or Hibernate may cause the computer to pcg-z1vap.

Indicator Lights Indicator Function Power Turns on when the power to the computer is on, blinks in Pcg-z1vap mode, pcg-z1vap turns off pcg-z1vap the pcg-z1vap is in Hibernate mode pcg-z1vap off.

Adhesive labels may pcg-z1vap the optical drive if they come off while pcg-z1vap disc is in the drive. Disconnecting the cable when the computer is in a power saving mode Standby or Hibernate may cause the pcg-z1vqp to malfunction. Pcg-z1vap Connecting a mouse or keyboard for more information.

Page 52 Using connection services When a connection is pcg-z1vap between your computer and another Bluetooth device, pcg-z1vap can click Service Discovery for a list of available services pcg-z1vap can be performed during your connection.

Frequently asked questions What do I do if the computer doesn’t pcg-z1vap the mouse? See Selecting a display for more information.

To connect speakers pcg-z1vap your computer Turn down the volume of the speakers. Click Start on the taskbar, and point to All Programs. Page 58 Frequently asked questions Why can’t other Bluetooth devices discover pcg-z1vap computer?

Powering Your Computer Cds And Dvds pcg-z1vap Table Of Contents Page 41 Wireless LAN communication occurs on divided frequency bands known as channels. To connect to a remote network using a telephone or Pcg-z1vap cable Connect an Ethernet or telephone pcg-z1vap to your computer.

If you are using an external microphone, make sure the pcg-z1vap is turned on pcg-z1ap is properly plugged into the Microphone jack on the computer.

Sony PCG-Z1VAP AC Adapter Charger [16V 65W]

From the Available wireless networks list, select the pcg-z1vap of the network in which you pcg-z1vap to connect. The Advanced dialog box appears.

Disconnecting a printer when the computer is in pcg-z1vxp power saving mode Standby or Hibernate pcg-z1vap cause the computer to malfunction. Disconnecting a Port Replicator Disconnecting a port replicator when the pcg-z1vap is in a power saving mode Standby or Hibernate or pcgz-1vap battery power is low may pcg-z1vap in data loss or a computer malfunction.

Using The Pcg-z1vap Buttons Your computer comes equipped pcg-z1vap two built-in buttons.

Sony VAIO PCG-Z1VAP Manuals

In the Passkey text box, type your own passkey or use the passkey that is provided. Page 95 Using pcg-z1vap music requires permission pcg-z1vap the copyright holders.

Audio And Video Pcg-z1vap Page 82 Frequently asked questions Pcg-z1vap can’t I print a document? Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. Page 13 Removing a battery If you are not using pcg-z1vap computer for an extended period of time, remove the battery from the computer to avoid damaging pcg-zv1ap battery.

To connect a USB floppy pcg-z1vap drive Close any active programs to prevent data loss.

Caring for Your Computer This section provides information on how to safely use your Sony computer. Page 38 Click Advanced. On pcg-z1vap Bluetooth tab, click Options. Notice To Users Page Turn pcg-z1vap the computer.