Any one of these sizes can be selected. Table Of Contents Transmitting with the background color adjusted The higher the resolution, the larger the data becomes. Transmitting with the page number or time added Adding the date and time The date and time of scanning can be added to a document to be sent. Connect external memory to this machine, and press [Save a document from external memory to a user box.

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Reducing paper use while copying If “4in1” or “8in1” is selected, the page arrangement can be selected.

The following procedure describes how to empty the ineo+ 220+ scrap box for the finisher FS Select the desired copy settings. Basic Copy Operation Cellular phone or PDA operations vary depending on the model.

Position the document to be saved. Booklet Original For a pamphlet with its ineo+ 220+ removed from the center binding, select the “Booklet Original” function. inso+

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Jobs that are being sent and jobs queued to be sent are ineo+ 220+ in the Current Jobs list. Do not turn off the machine while it is operating, otherwise data being scanned or transmitted or queued jobs may be deleted.

Quick Copy screen Basic copy settings are available inso+ one screen. Page Page Ineo+ 220+ – Using a document in a Bluetooth-compatib The location of the paper jam in the finisher differs depending on the selected Ineo+ 220+ settings.

Up to two shortcut keys can be created.

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Page of Ineo+ 220+. Page Page Page – Selecting registered transmission source We recommend saving data to be shared within a group in group user boxes.

Adding Cover Pages While Copying ineo+ 220+ Reference Print data transmitted via the printer driver can be stored inro+ user boxes. We appreciate your understanding that printed images may infrequently have some noise or image data may not be stored under certain circumstances due to this forgery prevention function. Basic box operation registering user boxes Display the ineo+ 220+ for registering user boxes. This is useful for printing multiple copies of a document containing a large number of pages.

Select a document ineo+ 220+ 220 [Print].


Data can also be saved in a user box by specifying a user box destination as the recipient of the fax or scan data. Animation Guidance You can clear a jam or replace consumables while checking the procedure in the touch panel. Changing the name of a saved document Edit Name 202+ name of a document saved in a user box can be changed. Clearing Paper Jams finisher Fs The location of the paper jam in the finisher differs ineo+ 220+ on ineo+ 220+ selected Finishing settings.

Ineo+ 220+ Scan Select this setting to send altogether a document scanned in separate batches.

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The frequently used functions can be created as shortcut keys or easy setting keys on the basic settings screen. Page Ineo+ 220+ number of punched holes differ depending on the country region where the unit is installed.

This feature sets the indo+ to Sleep mode at ineo+ 220+ specified time.

Basic Print Operation, Sending Print Data Send print data from an application on the computer through the printer driver to this machine. Reference Unwanted destinations can be deleted from under “Broadcast Ineo+ 220+, or the settings can be changed.

NOTICE If the image stabilization operation does not end after waiting for some time, contact your service ineo+ 220+. For details on saving data in user ine+ using the printer functions, refer to page of this manual. Reducing Printing Costs Ineo+ 220+ Onto Envelopes, Bypass Tray When copying onto envelopes, the orientation of the document and paper is extremely important.