Any ideas of anything else to try? There are no screws like older laptop models. I want to know what I can do to fix it because I have hosting the blue screen like 30 times already and I have try to fix the problem by restoring it, defragmente, disk clean, but nothing works so what can I do???? Try replacing the video cable. Any tips to that as well? After the screen assembly removed, you can take it apart and remove the screen. I replaced the powerjack in my dell and now it powers up but does not charge.

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DELL Inspiron 1440 drivers for Windows 7 32/64 bit

You can dell pp42l bluetooth this site. Try replacing the screen. If any one cld tell exactly wats worng here and how to by-pass the problem it wld be a great help! My question is, what is the problem, my LCD screen or the video cable. Any help you can provide would be great. The idea here is to route the cable OVER the metallic dell pp42l bluetooth blluetooth you can see it on the picture.

Could be loose screw or broken plastic. Take a look at these instructions published on Dell website.

Mine cracked and I need to repair. Atleast that what i guess! Yes, Believe it or not. Spread latches on both sides of the memory dell pp42l bluetooth until the memory module pops up at a 30 degree angle.

Dell Inspiron bluetooth [Solved]

Separate display panel from the laptop base as it shown in the guide. Sorry for my bad English, just trying to help.

You can remove the LCD screen bezel after you remove the whole display deell as it shown in the step 9. Dell pp42l bluetooth battery light was orange and the computer would only work if plugged in.

bluetooth driver for dell inspiron – – Content Results

Megan, This could be related to one of the following: As always it dell pp42l bluetooth incredibly useful!! There is a chance your new battery is defective.

I disassembled my laptop and reassembled it again also tried suggestions from various forums but dell pp42l bluetooth I face the issue.

Hello, while your guide was helpful, it left me with a question: On the other side of the motherboard you can access the CMOS battery, cooling assembly heatsink and fan and processor.

I gave up and put everything back together. I disasembled my Dell Inspiron because I had a power issue. There is some noice coming out from my inspiron laptop while i am shaking it. I have an inspiron …I go to turn it on, the power on indicator light come on, the led for the DVD drive come on, in about dell pp42l bluetooth sec I loose power.

I was using dell pp42l bluetooth Phillips screwdriver and case opener guitar pick. Great information and good descriptive pictures etc.

Did you use a compatible LCD depl I can see the image on the new screen, but just no backlight. I just replaced broken LCD screen.

Only the charger works. Thank you for you excellent website. Battery is ok, and the charger is ok, some one told me it was the motherboard… dell pp42l bluetooth help will be appreciated.

It has to do with the Video cable routing.