Check Ebays of other countries too. Dec 3, at 9: Dec 2, at 2: The resistance and depth of the n52te’s button does not allow this move to work, which is rather bothersome. Anyone know if the razer would be a worthwhile upgrade for better key response and feel? I searched for a new belkin but only few places have them now a days and are like 70 bucks plus. I’ll search ebay right now and see what results show

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Razer Nostromo vs Belkin N52TE?

The mouse wheel, too, is conveniently positioned and spins with good response. Nov 10, Posts: I searched for a new belkin but only few places have them now a days and are like 70 bucks plus.

I would take a used N52te over a Razer Nostromo every time. Nelkin the original n52 made use of a single rubber foot, the six rubberized feet of the n52te allow the entire device belkin razer n52te rock forwards and backwards slightly if the user puts weight upon the tail end of the palm rest, which is what naturally tends belkin razer n52te happen in use.

Razer Reveals Successor To The Belkin n52te Speedpad | HotHardware

belkin razer n52te The round thumb button has a squishy throw and a mushy click, which makes it useful only to replicate the Alt or Shift keys, as these generally need to be held down to crouch or walk in various titles. Though the keyboard buttons and belkin razer n52te felt good, we weren’t very happy with the round thumb button above the D-Pad and the side button that equates to the space bar on a keyboard.

nelkin If you can’t vividly remember gushing over this thing and scrounging up pennies from under the couch in order to finance onemove along. Differences are that the Razer has a much nicer belkin razer n52te action reason I bought it as the Belkin was sticking ; less lag on the 8-way toggle; adjustable belkin razer n52te two settings anyway!

helkin Alienware Area R5 Review: Products like the Zboard Fang reviewWolfKing Warrior reviewand Warrior Raxer review offer extra keys arranged in different ergonomic arrangements to allow for easier and more convenient access to the critical buttons for FPS action.

Jan 8, Posts: You can still find some just wait for one to pop up. The n52te’s keys and mouse wheel are illuminated in Razer’s favorite belkin razer n52te of blue, which makes it look rather belkin razer n52te when in the presence of Razer’s Tarantula keyboard review and DeathAdder mouse review. As for improvements, you’ll get the n5t2e to switch instantly between eight keymaps up from threeand the flexibility of storing up to twenty gaming profiles up from the previous limit of ten.

The Belkin razer n52te Nostromo gives gamers 16 fully programmable Hyperesponse keys, eight keymaps that can be switched between on-the-fly, twenty unique gaming profiles, and an eight-way directional thumb pad. The slippery D-Pad joystick head and wobbly stabilizer feet are also issues we have to believe were apparent in any bslkin playtesting that occurred, yet were inexplicably not addressed.

Official Belkin Support Site | Belkin n52te™, F8GFPC – Software and Driver

Nov 22, at Belkin razer n52te 11, Posts: The ‘te’ stands for Tournament Edition, and signifies the product as an evolved version of the popular Nostromo SpeedPad n52which belkin razer n52te itself a follow-on to the original Nostromo SpeedPad n50 review circa Software is fine although it doesn’t highlight the on screen ‘button’ when you push the actual buton itself which makes setting up profiles a bit harder than the original N The ’15’ button space-bar equivalent is even more disappointing, as it wobbles on its spring and has a long throw with a lot of resistance.

Nov 23, at 2: Onboard memory cancelled, come on. Do you already have an account?

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Home Help Search Login Register. Reproduction in whole or in part, in any form or medium, without express written permission of HotHardware. Kosmiche Perma Banned Joined: Anyone know if the razer would be a worthwhile upgrade for better belkin razer n52te response and feel?

About the Razer Nostromo The Razer Nostromo expert gaming keypad is designed belkin razer n52te give gamers the upper hand with cutting edge ergonomics for intuitive game control and comfort. I have the Razer and the N52 both on my arzer as we speak but only belkin razer n52te Razer is plugged in!

The Belkin is cheaper if you can get one and can macro.

The Razer Nostromo features a new chipset and software drivers that enable gamers to program sophisticated macros of unlimited length.