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I know what you mean mate better to keep on upgrading old kit than ever buy new darn your socks and acer aspire 5633wlmi on patches on your elbows his laptop is getting old its starting to aceer reading his discs Anyway if he waits win 8 will be dearer if he tries to get win 7 now its dearer anyway new xp acer aspire 5633wlmi err ye right Time to move on I 5633wlni.

This was partly due to the MB of memory fitted. The Acer uses an entry level Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which runs at 1. Applications such as an email client can be launched, and you can also adjust the volume or skip through DVDs.

It doesn’t offer anything outstanding, but the Acer is a good choice. Our Verdict A decent middle-of-the-road laptop with reasonable multimedia acer aspire 5633wlmi.

The kit Acer aspire 5633wlmi was looking at is this – http: Vespid 2, posts months. Facelifted Porsche Macan revealed. TonyRPH 9, posts 99 months.

Browse cars for sale. The board is not the strongest, flexing in the middle, but the keys are firmly attached and responsive.

The decent-sized screen means there’s plenty of space for the keyboard, which offers large keys and a comfortable typing experience. Did you ever upgrade your laptop? Would I benefit a lot from acer aspire 5633wlmi to an SSD drive?

Acer Aspire WLMi specifications

It rotates over degrees, so you’ll also be able to take first-person photographs. It’s sturdy, offers good performance and is comfortable.

PH Used Buying Guide. The acer aspire 5633wlmi is one of the biggest in acer aspire 5633wlmi group, and also proved precise. I have the same model and was considering a similar upgrade as it becoming slower and slower. The rear of the display is made of sturdy plastic, which helps to protect the panel in transit. You should buy 5633wlmo SSD the most expensive you can Then get 2gb ram sticks for each slot – don’t worry if your pc wont accept more than 2gb Upgrade your operating sytem to windows 8 but wait till February when the price goes up Alternatively accept that things move on and get yourself a new laptop with lots of ram windows 8 already installed and move on.

Aimed acer aspire 5633wlmi the regular consumer, the Acer Aspire WLMi crams plenty of features and a good specification into its chassis. Forum

LeeMad 1, posts 84 5633slmi. AmiableChimp Original Poster 3, posts months. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 I have defragged it, ran CC Cleaner, etc.

For Comfortable to use. Performance was reasonable, and we found Windows Vista Home Premium ran acer aspire 5633wlmi. It handles multimedia tasks with ease, and you’ll even be able to play some older games. The hard drive is also generous at GB. Acer aspire 5633wlmi 563w3lmi Conditions Posting Rules. I used to wipe it back to the factory setting but the recovery disks don’t seem to run anymore.

The keyboard is flanked by multimedia keys, letting you instantly control various functions.